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We support you in selecting and supervising external suppliers and take full responsibility for all cooperations with them.

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We offer comprehensive POSM management: from design and production, through logistics and merchandising, to point-of-sale audits of the use of materials.

Scope of activities

We provide comprehensive logistics services for all types of POS materials: stands, displays, refrigerators, promotional stands, brochures and leaflets, product samples, finished products, and many others.

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Services of the competence centre for advertising materials

  • development of a POSM concept
  • creation and production of materials
  • quality control
  • transport and import
  • financial settlements with external partners
  • supply and storage of POSM, samples and finished products for marketing purposes
  • distribution
  • access to regional warehouses and cross-docks for sales employees.

And also…

  • installation of marketing materials at points of sale
  • merchandising
  • point of sale audits
  • servicing and refurbishment
  • disposal of defective materials and products
  • workshops and consulting on cost reduction and POSM management optimisation.

Discover the possibilities we offer

We store multiple SKUs on a single carrier or shelf space, so materials take up as little space as possible. As part of the service, we provide customers with a marketing material management system that facilitates the daily work of sales staff.

The application enables convenient ordering of products and facilitates planning their optimal use. It contains, among others, information about stock levels as well as photos and descriptions of particular materials. It also automatically generates information about the dimensions and weight of the shipment.

We have a useful, scalable technology for building electronic, centrally managed marketing communication systems. Our expertise and SIGNIO technology makes unique consumer experiences at the point of sale possible, which translates directly into financial results.

Benefits of cooperation

We reduce costs

we measurably reduce costs of POSM production and distribution.

We increase efficacy

of marketing materials, adjusting their quantities and types to real needs.

We take responsibility

for all tasks related to marketing materials, allowing you to focus on your key activity.


We charge by volume, not by subscription.

One invoice

– we issue one collective invoice per month for the entire process.

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